Signup is Free for Independent Experts & Consulting Companies

Independent experts and Consultant Companies can signup and complete a profile in GovFlex for free in minutes. Once a profile is completed to 80%, it automatically becomes accessible to companies and agencies searching for freelancers to help with opportunities that range from subject-matter expertise, cost and pricing, proposals, to legal compliance and governance.

Government Contractors & Agencies Pay a Processing Fee

Many of our customers have praised the support received from our customer success and engagement managers and asked for support. Over a period of time, customers reported the customer support team increased confidence in their matches. 

To help customers tackle increasingly complex projects, we have introduced three Customer Success Packages: Essential, Professional, and Enterprise. Each package offers support for crafting Statements of Work (SOWs), scoping out deliverables, and defining your needs to ensure the best possible match and a successful outcome for the contractors, government agencies, and freelancing experts. 

Change in the Payment Processing Fee. 

Starting in May 2018, contractors will pay a sliding service fee that’s designed to reward repeat relationships and more fairly cover casual users, which are more expensive for GovFlex to support. Because you told us that you prefer assistance from our customer support teams, we have also eliminated the annual subscription

Customers who prefer no long-term contract can use GovFlex in accordance with our Terms of Service for free, but pay a 15% payment processing fee. However, customers who purchase a Customer Success Package will continue to enjoy a 10% payment processing fee. Repeat projects enables us to more efficiently provide support on complex projects, and we want to pass those cost savings back to our users.

You’ll pay:

• Free Users: 15% processing fee for all transactions
• All Other Users: 10% processing fee for all transactions

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